Polar Chalors 2nd Album「Elements of Multiverse」遂にリリース決定

「Flare」by Polar Chalors from New Album —–
—-「Elements of Multiverse」2013/July Release

Polar Chalors New Album 「Elements of Multiverse」will Release Coming Soon!!!!

二年ぶりとなるニュー・アルバム「Elements of Multiverse」2013初夏にリリース決­定しました。
前作「a day」を凌ぐスケール感で完成。深く、ダンサブルに進化した新作をお聴きのがしなく。
Polar Chalorsによる「多元的宇宙遊泳」にご期待ください。

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about Polar Chalors
A new-type borderless dance music hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Polar Chalors is a duo comprised of HATA (from renown psychedelic jam band Dachambo) and saxophone and multi-wind artist Sinsuke Fujieda and “a day” is their debut album. Since they have both been super active in the Japanese music scene, performing in many prestigious festivals and such, the crowds in Japan have all been waiting for this moment and this will be one of the first opportunity to represent their music abroad. “a day” is about their present lives in Tokyo, Japan – the floundering situation of the land, various people and places, the “today” that we live in. all these mixed feelings are put into this title and their sometimes chaotic but peaceful sounds.A cozy Tokyo space journey of ambience and beats.

1st album “a day” from nature bliss by Polar Chalors (2011)