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SF Park Ambient vol.2
This album was recorded last autumn’s Afternoon in “Strawberry Fullmoon Day”,
At the ambient party “Park Ambient” held in Yokohama/Japan.
It is a solo live performance by Sound Furniture a.k.a. Sinsuke Fujieda.
In addition, we organized the venue by surround sound system.

Sound Furnitureの5作目となる作品「Afternoon in Park Ambient」
こちらの作品は昨年横浜象の鼻テラスで開催し好評を博した「Park Ambient」におけるSound Furnitureの日中のライブ演奏を収録したものです。
9/23にリリースした「Orchastra in Park Ambient」と同日に収録されたセットで、複数のミュージシャンを交えたオーケストラ編成と一対となるソロでのセットになります。
また今作にはSound Furnitureの新曲となる「Ambient Park」を初収録。

released August 22, 2017
Written and Produced by SINSUKE FUJIEDA a.k.a. Sound Furniture
Sinsuke Fujieda – All Tracks,Edits,Ableton Live,Tenor & Soprano Sax,Flute,Harmonic Flute,Khoomie,Effects,Loop,Bells,Grockenspiel,Overtones
Recorded by Shigetake Ao
Mixed by Sinsuke Fujieda
Mastering by Sinsuke Fujieda
Artwork by Sinsuke Fujieda
Special Thanks
The.,Zou-No-Hana Terrace,Mirrorbowlers,Shigetake & Yasuko Ao,Meyer Sound



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