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In/Lay Sound Furniture

サウンドファニチャー6作目となる今作品「In/Lay」は2016年秋に清澄白河のカフェ「Gift_Lab」にて開催された枯山水サラウンディング主催「蟲聴きの会」でのSound Furnitureによるパフォーマンスとその際のライブレコーディング音源、フィールドレコーディング音源をベースに作成されました。




released date on September 6, 2017
7 tracks in 34 minutes
All Songs Written and Produced by Sinsuke Fujieda a.k.a. Sound Furniture
Flute,Harmonic Flute,Ableton Live,Effects by Sinsuke Fujieda
Live Recoring by Umeo Saito (track1〜6) at Gift_Lab (Kiyosumi-Shirakawa/Tokyo) on September 2016
Field Recording and Edit by Sinsuke Fujeida
Mastering by Sinsuke Fujieda

Special Thanks
Kare-San-Sui Surrounding
(c)(p)2017 SoFa Records All Rights Reserved

“In / Lay” is the sixth album of Sound Furniture.

This work is based on the live recording sound source by Sound Furniture at the “listeners of insect songs” planned by Kare – San – Sui Surrounding held at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa ‘s cafe “Gift_Lab” in the fall of 2016 .

Actually placed a cricket put in a bug in the live venue, standing to surround the live venue.

Cricketgie gave live performance and ensemble as a member of the performer, giving the sound a depth and a Japanese autumn landscape.

It is a way of enjoying unique music in conjunction with the ‘Borrowed landscape’ in the Japanese tea ceremony and it can be said to be one of the enjoyment ways of the season that embodies Japanese ancient sensitivity.

This work is produced with hints on the worldwide crafting technique, “inlaid decoration”.

Performances and electronic sounds in live recording tracks, field recording tracks, and scattered natural sounds are intertwined at exquisite timing and complement each other.

This work is made up of 1 to 6 which mixed the live recording track and the natural sound, and also consists of track (7) of only natural sound including crickets’ barking which feels mixed Japanese fall.



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